Our Collection

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Our collection consists of dozens of various machines, hardware, documentation, and other artifacts ranging back to the 1950s. A majority of the collection has been donated directly to the organization, and part of it is on lease from individual contributors.

Minicomputers, notably, a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11/34, an IBM System/34, an IBM AS/400, and a Wang 2200.

Microcomputers such as a RadioShack TRS-80 (Models 1, 2, and 4), Atari 800, Commodore 64, and other similar systems.

Apple Computers, ranging from an Apple IIe, Macintosh, Power Mac G3, and a number of systems in between!

Personal Computers including IBM PS/2, an early Dell 386 model, Tandy desktops, and more.

Unix Systems, including machines like the Sun Microsystems SPARCstation, Silicon Graphics Incorporated Indigo, etc.

NEC Advanced Personal Computer

The NEC Advanced Personal Computer was released in 1982 at a price of $4,998 USD for the dual floppy / color display model and $3,298 USD for the single floppy / mono display model. The NEC 8086 ran at 5MHz, and the computer came with 128K base memory.