We have a home at the HUB Station!

In July, we signed a lease at the Hudson (N.C.) Uptown Building (HUB Station). This facility is a renovated school building that features, in addition to our own space, shared classroom, conference room, kitchen, etc. It’s perfect for small organizations such as ours, allowing us to focus on our mission without having to worry about overhead.

We immediately began moving our collection and equipment into the space as well as painting, setting up shelving / display racks, etc. We still have a ways to go, but we’re making a lot of progress.

We’ve divided the 600sqft space into computer / video game display, storage, operations / repair, and media (Youtube) sections. At the moment most of the space is utilized for displaying machines and storage. As we rearrange, build shelving, and condense our storage, more and more will become available for displaying computer and video game systems.

We’re planning an open house / grand opening event for late September. Updates to come!