Save the Machine relies on donations and volunteers. If you are interested in contributing time, money, or making a physical donation, learn more below, and use the Contact Us page or send us an email at

Remember: Monetary and equipment donations are tax deductible!

We’re currently a small team of people passionate about technology and helping others. However, we’d love to grow our team! If you have an interest in repairing, refurbishing, or even just moving, computer equipment, we would appreciate the help! Even if you don’t have experience with computers, we’re happy to teach.

Contributing Financially
Like all businesses, we still have bills and overhead to handle. We appreciate every dollar donated. If you are able to contribute financially, either one time, or on a monthly basis, we have two convenient ways to send money:

Our Patreon Page, located at, which allows you to select an amount to contribute on a monthly recurring basis.

And our Square Donation Page:

Donating Items and Equipment
If you or your business has I.T. equipment, modern or obsolete, that you would like to see donated for re-use, restoration, or preservation, we would like to hear from you! Local pick-ups can be arranged, and items further away can be shipped to us (pending shipping costs).

Note: At this time, we are avoiding CRT monitors and televisions unless they are of particular vintage or rare (mainframe terminals, Trinitrons, etc).