About Save the Machine

Our Mission

Over the last sixty years, our world has been revolutionized by computer technology. We’ve gone from an era where the most primitive computers filled large rooms, to an era where 90% of American adults carry computers in their pockets that are over 1,000,000 times more powerful than the earliest computers.

We don’t want to forget the machines, software, or people, who made computer technology what it is today. That’s why Save the Machine was established; to preserve and share computing’s rich history with future generations.

In addition to promoting computer history, we also want to show future generations what they can accomplish in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) career fields. We believe that demonstrating how far we have come in the last sixty years will encourage some to start thinking about where we can take technology over the next sixty years, therefore promoting STEM education and careers.


Save the Machine is the brainchild of Ben L. and Derek N., both vintage computing enthusiasts. The idea was first proposed in September 2014. Our focus over the last few years has been to build an online presence. Currently, our Facebook Page has over 1,000 followers.

Additionally, we partnered up with Foothills Community Workshop (FCW), who we were already members of, and in May of 2015, we set up a small display area in their lobby.

Sadly, in July of 2017, a fire broke out in the shared facility, we lost several items in our collection, and FCW lost everything. Since then, FCW has acquired a new facility, and we are working to finalize our new display area there.

Currently, we are pursuing the formation of our own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, fostering our partnership with FCW, and branching out to work with more organizations in our region.